Thursday, April 28, 2005

Donated blood...

"I have done something this day" - Its really hard to count such days in life. But today has been one such rare day for me when I donated blood to the Red Cross Society of India.

An Appreciation certificate signed by TN Chaturvedi, Governer of Karnataka, made me more happy as I was not expecting it.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A Game created by me, my room mates

It was a totally dark day. Raining outside completely and no power supply. It was the time perfect to play something and a new game emerged out of our creativity.

1. There should be 4 players to play this game. A,B,C,D
2. They are divided into 2 teams , say A,C are team1 and B,D are team2.
3. A,B,C,D sit in clockwise direction in the same order.
4. In the first TURN, A has to choose some word X and conveys this secretly to B.
5. B then gets the chance and can choose any word Y , either directly related to X or it can be anything random. Lets say X is "Mango". B can choose Y as "Apple" , "Tendulkar" or "Titanic" or anything.
6. Now B has to ask a question. This question is of the form "X or Y" or "Y or X" depending on his interest. Nothing more is allowed in the question.
7. Objective of C is to guess what his team mate A would have chosen.
Note: You must remember that it was B who had the luxury of choosing Y and questioning. So B has to be smart enough to keep the other option Y in such a way that C cannot easily make out what A has chosen just listening at the question.
8. Once C has guessed, D has to guess the answer. D has to guess the choice which his parter B has chosen.
9. Once C and D have guessed , the answers are announced. (A,C) would get 1 point on a correct guess and (B,D) would guess 0. (A,C) would get 0 points if incorrect and (B,D) would get -1.
10. Now the game goes to TURN 2 the same steps are followed with B telling the word to C and D guessing it followed by A.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

P2P wireless connection

I always felt WI-FI card is a useless dumb card on my computer. But I was thrilled when I successfully configured a small WIFI home networked LAN using the card this weekend. All it needed was another laptop and few googlings to create a home LAN on wireless.

This link really helped me.

I played Age of Empires after that and it was awesome...The thrill of it inspired my room mate to buy a desktop in next one week's time :-)

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Vedic astrology

Why should time measured only as per Gregarian calendar ? What are the reasons for Indian system to adopt Lunar cycle for writing panchangam ? Does planets really have significance on the life of human beings ? Doesnot it sound childish to think planets can influence the way one thinks ? Is future ever predictable ? Why do we show interest into future ?

Does somebody have answers for all these questions ? I wish so.

The Indian and Vedas have always given me enough question marks on the cultural heritage we have today. Amid lot of so called "Intellectual discussions" with my friends, I have come across arguments that lead to the same old question of believing in the concept of "Yugas/ Vedas/ GOD ". The "Avastha " state of mind always left me in a dilemma as to accept certain basic assumptions on which our sciences are based. I have never questioned myself though on the very aspect of the amount of knowledge imbibed in the Vedas, but I have my own doubts as to its interpretation. "History is written by Winners". I believe in this misinterpretation and the exploitation of the knowledge over times. The purpose of my blogging here is to remind myself on these haunting questions and understanding of
the true vedic knowledge.
Astrology to me looks to contain the scientific knowlege I can correlate easily .

Some intial googlings to learn vedic astrology also seems to provide good information.