Monday, July 28, 2008

After 10 years

Almost after 10 years since I joined my B Tech course in REC Warangal, I am going back as an interviewer recruiting for my company. What a feeling it would be, anxious, just a day to go.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Using SVN tools in Visual Studio

I always like IDE for their single interface for everything. Today I stumbled upon VisualSVN which is a good addon to Visual Studio. I am impressed with the initial features, but it is makes your IDE experience a little slow. But, worth a try!

The other tool was ankhsvn and this is a freeware that is reasonable and gives you almost the same benefit for the bill (well, no bill really :))

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Enjoying "Customer"hood

I have never believed in "being a good customer pays". Not one, but two incidents where I had been a good customer paid off and I have suddenly become rich by one lakh over the weekend and now I am made to believe in this

First, is the happy news of me winning a gift voucher for one lakh from Megamart. During Diwali last year, they had come up with a contest for writing a funny slogan on their business and in the spirit of the contest I had put a comment on Megamart as follows

My Excitement of shopping Gets A MegA Return at megamarT

On 23rd may, I got a call from megamart area manager saying my slogan has been shortlisted as one of the ten winners all over India and that I should come for a photo session to collect the gift vouchers. I felt It was my turn to be surprised and I can endorse , at least in the case of megamart, that they have been very kind enough to give away the gifts.

Second incident is the courtesy of Pratham Motors. Maruthi service is one of the best in the business and they strive for better customer relations year after year. This year when the sought feedback for their services, I had openly given them feedback on their services and subsequently they have invited me for a free car service and a package to watch a Hindi movie in PVR Cinemas over the weekend.

Being a good customer pays, literally.